Payroll Services Privileges

Credit card

You can get a Piraeus Bank Visa Classic and MasterCard with:

  • No Annual Fee
  • Interest rate for purchases reduced by 1% compared to the current rate

Personal Loan

You can get a personal loan with:

  • Fixed interest rate throughout the term of the loan and no loan approval fee or
  • Variable interest rate, reduced by 1% of the maximum rate of each product and 50% discount on the loan approval fee

«Once-and-for-All» Balance Transfer Program

You can get the balance transfer program with:

  • Fixed interest rate or Variable interest rate with no loan approval fee

Open Personal Loan

You can get an open personal loan with:

  • Variable interest rate, reduced by 1% compared to the current rate of each scale according to the loan amount 
  • No loan approval fee

Mortgage Loan

You can get a mortgage loan with no approval fee.

Banking Transactions

  • Free of charge standing orders (direct debits) to pay your utility bills (electricity, water supply, telephony/internet), as long as you are the main (first) beneficiary of the Piraues Payroll Account and your salary/pension is credited in Piraeus Bank
  • Free of charge payment of your personal cheques


The overdraft amount and rate is relative to your salary.