Feel the stadium’s atmosphere from a “G. Karaiskakis” Stadium’s suite, with Olympiacos F.C. Mastercard® credit card.

Olympiacos F.C. Mastercard & Gold

Apply for Olympiacos F.C. Mastercard®Olympiacos F.C. Mastercard Gold®, acquire it and:

  • Win a €50 voucher for the official store of Olympiacos F.C., REDstore.
  • In addition, you automatically participate in the big draw where 10 lucky winners, will watch a Greek League match of Olympiacos F.C. from a “G. Karaiskakis” Stadium’s suite, along with a friend.

The offer is valid from 15/11/2019 up to 15/1/2020.

How to get your Piraeus Olympiacos F.C. Mastercard® & Gold step-by-step and which documents you might need.

Terms & Conditions (available only in greek)