Once-and-for-All Balance Transfer Programme

  Transfer your credit card balances from other banks to a Piraeus Bank credit card and win!

  • 9% privilege rate until full repayment of the transferred balance!
  • No annual fee for the main cards.*
  • No annual fee for all additional cards.

When you seek, you win!

Get a Piraeus Bank credit card and enjoy all the privileges it offers: interest-free instalments for purchases, free travel insurance, shopping protection, free 24-hour customer service and draws with great prizes

To find out more about the Once-and-for-All Balance Transfer Programme and all Piraeus Bank credit cards:

Overall Annual Percentage Rate (APR) example: 14.16% for a nominal rate of 9.00% + 0.6% levy (Law 128/1975), €29 annual fee, calculated for a balance transfer of €1500 and full repayment in 12 monthly instalments

*Free annual fee for the first year and all subsequent years, depending on the amount of your transactions