Supporting documents for economic migrants

For Financial Pre-approval

For citizens of the EU member-states:

Current passport or ID card from your country of origin (in Latin characters)

For other types of economic migrants:

 1.  Current residence permit.

 2.  Current passport from your country of origin or Special ID Card for Aliens of Greek Descent or Alien’s ID Card
      (if you are not of Greek descent).

 3.  Proof of income documentation :

       For salaried employees/pensioners:
    • Latest income tax return form or
    • Latest income tax statement (E1 form)
    • For salaried employees we also require the last payroll slip or an official (not handwritten) annual income certificate from your employer’s accounting office. The certificate must include all your income details (recruitment date, gross and net earnings, social security contributions and tax).
    • For pensioners, we also require the latest quarterly pension statement or the latest pension payment slip.

      For freelance professionals/entrepreneurs / farmers:
    • Last 2 income tax return forms
    • Latest income tax statement (E1 form)
    • Documents for the last 2 financial years proving the turnover of the sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited company, etc.
      (E3 or N form)

 4.  In case of property ownership: E9 form.

 5.  If the loan is to be used to repay/transfer loans from another bank or institution: loan clearance certificate or the last 2 loan statements.

Note: If the home address on the application form is different to that on the income tax return form, also submit a utility or mobile phone bill with          the same address as the one on the application form.