Specialized Insurance Products

Piraeus Insurance Brokers SA is active and has extensive experience in the area of business insurance and Specialized insurance products, offering solutions tailored to your individual needs. A team of experts with extensive know-how and significant experience in these areas promote the Bank’s products and services. The customer categories and insurance products available include:

Who is it aimed at

  • Manufacturers / Craft Industries
  • Large commercial businesses
  • Individuals with extensive property ownership, collections and works of art
  • Clinics / Hospitals
  • Technical companies
  • Hotels
  • Consulting/Services firms
  • Educational institutes
  • Wind or photovoltaic farms
  • Sports teams/associations
  • Museums/Galleries
  • Cinemas/Theatres

What you can insure

  • Assets with a capital over €800,000
  • Loss of earnings in case of damage to property
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Monetary loss
         – till robbery,
         safe burglary,
         robbery of cash-in-transit
         embezzlement by employees
  • Commodity transport
  • Credit risk insurance against debtors/clients
  • Group insurance
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Artwork insurance (paintings, rare coin collections – museums, galleries)
  • Aircraft insurance (airplanes, helicopters, hydroplanes)
  • Farming insurance (greenhouses, nurseries, etc.)
  • Kidnapping and ransom (land/sea)
  • Event cancellations (concerts, sporting events) due to weather or no show
  • Insurance of TV and cinema productions
  • Livestock insurance
  • Insurance for athletes, stadiums etc.
  • Entertainment centre insurance