Personalised Insurance Solutions

Piraeus Financial Holdings in collaboration with leading Insurance Companies offers you unique insurance solutions for the smooth operation of your business in all difficult situations, choosing the program that best suits your needs and capabilities.

Who is it aimed at

To businesses and professionals who want responsible solutions and effective coverage of all the significant risks that their business may be exposed to.

What you can insure

  • Assets with a capital over €1.000.000
  • Loss of earnings in case of damage to property
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Business liability
  • Cyber Risk insurance
  • Monetary loss
         till robbery
         safe burglary
         robbery of cash-in-transit
         embezzlement by employees
  • Commodity transport
  • Group insurance
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Artwork insurance (paintings, rare coin collections – museums, galleries)
  • Agricultural Insurance (greenhouses, nurseries, etc.)
  • Event cancellations (concerts, sporting events) due to weather etc.
  • Livestock insurance
  • Insurance for athletes, stadiums etc.
  • Insurance of entertainment venues
  • Travel insurance
  • Project Construction / Assembly Insurance (CAR), (EAR)
  • Photovoltaic System insurance
  • Erasmus insurance

Piraeus Financial Holdings SA, as an insurance intermediary, carries out the activity of distribution of insurance products, in the name and on behalf of the insurance companies with which it maintains cooperation.