New application “winbank app”: Account Balance and Transactions

Using the new application “winbank app”, you can monitor the purchases and withdrawals you carry out with your cards, easily and quickly.

Purchases and withdrawals monitoring

Step 1

Log in to the new application “winbank app” using quick login (4-digit PIN , fingerprint or Face ID) depending on the capacities of your smartphone device.

Step 2

At the homepage select the tab «Deposits» and you can view all the accounts where you are beneficiary or co-beneficiary.

Step 3

Select the account and you can view further details on your latest transactions. All transactions are automatically allocated, for Personal Finance Management purposes, in one category and one subcategory. To view further transaction details press the button «All transactions».

Step 4

You can view transaction history by selecting the icon on the top right corner. From there select using filters, the appropriate time period.