Foreign Exchange Operations for Small Businesses

Buy and sell foreign exchange at current market prices through Piraeus Bank to serve your business needs. We perform FX conversions into/from 19 currencies, such as:

Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Swiss Franc
Danish Krone
Pound Sterling
Japanese Yen
Norwegian Krona
Swedish Krona

How you benefit

  • We perform FX conversions in all major currencies at competitive rates
  • Special rates apply for conversions over €15,000, in line with current market prices
  • Contact the Bank’s dedicated department directly if your business carries out a large number of FX transactions often

How to carry out FX transactions

To get a quote and work out how your business FX transactions can be carried out, visit any Piraeus Bank branch.

For amounts of up to Eur 15.000 equivalent

  • Buy and sell foreign exchange in line with the FX and Banknotes Price Bulletin Piraeus Bank issues daily.

For amounts of over Eur 15.000 equivalent

  • Buy and sell foreign exchange in line with current market prices. Transactions are completed in 2 working days.

FX Transactions via winbank

A Foreign Exchange Transaction function has been integrated into winbank web banking. This new function is located under the “Transfers Between My Accounts” section, where you can select the accounts you wish to credit & debit, provided that one is a Euro account, and the other a Foreign Currency account; among a wide range of 9 major Foreign Currencies*. Transaction amounts are limited to under €15.000 [or equivalent], and a cumulative limit of €50.000 [or equivalent] per business day also applies.

*   Eligible Foreign Currencies to transact via EUR are: USD, CHF, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, NOK, DKK, SEK

** Exchange Rates are drawn from the effective Foreign Exchange Bulletin without any additional charges.