Leasing Services

Piraeus Bank’s Leasing services allow businesses and freelance professionals to stop renting and actually buy the fixed assets they use for production or investment purposes, without committing their own capital. By paying a pre-determined purchase price when your contract expires, you can become the owner of business premises, vehicles, or the equipment you were leasing.

How you benefit

Leasing solutions tailored to your needs

Piraeus Leasing offers an extensive range of leasing services and flexible leasing plans that can be tailored to suit your needs. These are aimed at:

  • SMEs
  • Freelance professionals
  • Doctors and pharmacists
  • Real estate agents
  • Large corporations
  • Municipalities and Local Authorities

Smooth transition from rental to ownership

Leasing arrangements are a contract between Piraeus Leasing and you, the lessee:

  • When you sign the contract, the property, vehicle or equipment becomes available to you and you can start using it.
  • While the contract is in effect, you pay monthly rentals to Piraeus Leasing.
  • When the contract expires, if you pay the pre-determined purchase price, the asset you had been leasing becomes your property.

Premature Repurchase

You can end your contract with Piraeus Leasing at any time before its expiry date. Simply follow the procedure outlined in the contract.


Lease term

The lease term is:

  • 3 to 5 years for moveable assets
  • 10 to 15 years for real estate


While the contract is still in effect, ownership is retained by Piraeus Leasing. After the contract expires, you can transfer ownership to yourself by paying the pre-determined purchase price.


Depending on the leasing category and the item being leased, the rent:

  • floats every month, in line with Euribor 3M


When the contract expires, the pre-determined purchase price is:

  • €10 for moveable assets. This figure is purely symbolic.
  • Normally the value of the plot in the case of real estate. The figure will be stated in the contract.


While the contract is still in effect, the asset you are leasing needs to be insured. The beneficiary of that insurance is Piraeus Leasing.

Leasing Options

The leasing solutions available from Piraeus Bank are ideal for the asset categories below:

Real Estate  

  • Business Premises Leasing
  • Sale & Lease Back
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  • Business Vehicles Leasing, for new or second-hand business vehicles
  • Car Leasing, for new passenger cars
  • Vendor Leasing for cars and trucks
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  • Equipment Leasing for business purposes
  • Green Leasing for renewable energy source equipment (for photovoltaic farms, wind farms, hydroelectric stations)
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