Vehicle Leasing

Piraeus Bank offers flexible leasing solutions to easily acquire the vehicles your business needs and manage your fleet. Forget any ownership hassles and get full vehicle coverage at the same time. Upon your expiry of your contract, you can replace your vehicle with a new one.

Business Vehicle Leasing

Leasing solutions for new or second-hand business vehicles:

  • Commercial trucks
  • Private trucks
  • Touring buses
  • Light diesel trucks

Get a new vehicle and avoid impairment risks through Business Vehicle Leasing. It applies to:

  • Motorists who have a national or international transport licence
  • Businesses transporting their products on their own
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Tourism businesses and travel agencies

Car Leasing

Leasing solutions for new cars. You can renew your car and avoid impairment risks.

Vendor Leasing for cars and trucks

Financial leasing for broad-use and low-value cars and trucks: It applies not only to small and medium businesses and freelance professionals (end users), but also to suppliers (vendors).

The business or freelance professional gets:

  • Easier access to financing (Leasing)
  • Tax benefits as the rentals are exempt
  • Additional services from the supplier, such as maintenance, etc.
  • Faster and more efficient growth of business activities

The supplier gets:

  • Increased sales without any financing burden
  • Avoidance of minimum contract amount restriction for subletting
  • Liquidity enhancement, since all sales are paid in cash
  • Simple and fast procedure
Vendor leasing is based on striking a financial agreement between the suppliers of the business' mobile tangible equipment and Piraeus Leasing, who acts as a liaison with the end users. In Vendor Leasing, Piraeus Leasing is partially or fully compensated by the supplier through contract signing and rental collection.