Gaining know-how for my pharmacy

We offer specialized training programs and consulting services in collaboration with the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi, totally corresponding to the requirements of a modern pharmacy.

  • Training Programs

e-Commerce Project Manager

The Online Pharmacy sector is one of the most dynamic on the Hellenic market, thus attracting an increasing number of pharmacists and entrepreneurs. Converting a regular store to an online pharmacy is a challenge that requires new knowledge and skills.

The program covers theories, strategies and tools on matters and techniques regarding the design, operation and promotion of a successful and profitable e-shop.

Digital Marketing Practitioner

Digital Marketing Practitioner is now an indispensable tool to promote an online pharmacy.

The aim of the program is the comprehensive training in theory, techniques, tools and the latest strategies of digital marketing.

  • Consulting Services

Consulting Services to establish or improve an online pharmacy, so that it may be competitive and profitable:

  • a 3-year Business Plan in order to evaluate your investment and its yield
  • e-shop platform specifications and requirements, for its proper operation
  • e-shop management procedures (orders, returns, e-CustomerCare, e-Payments, e-Logistics, Content management, photos&text)
  • Optimization actions for online pharmacy
  • Consulting Services for NSRF (ESPA) programs

    Support for the submission, administration and surveillance of the investment project and folder for the participation in financing programs.

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    Our new PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360° is available to Small and Medium-sized Pharmacies.

    The products and services offered by PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360°, as well as any special pricing, where these exist, can be reviewed at the Bank’s discretion.