Modernization of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Piraeus Bank by your side for the digital transformation and qualitative modernization of your business

Preparation for your inclusion in the Actions

Piraeus Bank supports small and medium-sized enterprises which are interested in including their investment plans for digital transformation and modernization in the Actions entitled Digital Leap, Digital Step and Qualitative Modernization, by providing you with:
  • Letter of intent / approval of Bank Lending *
  • Sound guidance and reliable support, through the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi, member of Piraeus Bank Group, for the submission of your investment folder:
    • Collection of the data required for establishing the investment file
    • Processing of data and preparation of the investment plan
    • Financial analysis and investment sustainability/viability
    • Submitting electronically the complete qualification application

* Granted according to Piraeus Bank's credit policy criteria.

Consulting services for eligible costs regarding the specific Actions

The Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Excelixi, member of Piraeus Bank Group, provides you with specialized consulting services regarding e-commerce.

If your investment project involves the development and management of an e-shop, we provide you with the support required for your investment to be successful and profitable. We may draft:

  • a 3-year Business Plan, in order to evaluate your investment and its yield
  • e-shop platform specifications and requirements, for its proper operation
  • e-shop management procedures (orders, returns, e-CustomerCare, e-Payments, e-Logistics, Content management (photos & text))

and guidance, both in terms of consulting and training, throughout the development of your e-shop.

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Implementation of the investment

At Piraeus Bank, we designed the new package "Piraeus Business 360°", a complete proposal which specifically includes selected products and services, designed to meet your needs, from the start of the investment until its completion, following your inclusion in the NSRF 2014-2020 Actions.

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