Multicurrency Services

Multicurrency Services to expand your sales worldwide!

The Piraeus Bank Paycenter electronic payment services are the only ones that support Multicurrency services (transactions in foreign currency), so as to meet the needs of businesses operating in countries outside the Eurozone.

Double advantage

Through Multicurrency services you can choose to display and carry out, your transactions solely in the currency that suits your business best.

In this way:

  • Your customers are facilitated, because they can pay for the products or services they choose in the currency they are familiar with. This is the currency in which the charge of the payment card used will also appear.
  • Your business is facilitated, because your account is always credited in Euros.

The lead for businesses

Businesses that manage transactions in different currencies can gain a strong lead. Studies have shown that Multicurrency services significantly increase the Shopping Cart Conversion Rate and reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Available Currencies

Alphabetic Currency Code Numeric Currency Code Currency - EN
AED   784   United Arab Emirates dirham
ALL   008   Albanian lek
ARS   032   Argentine Peso
AUD   036   Australian Dollar
BGN   975   Bulgarian lev
BRL   986   Brazilian real
CLP   152   Chilean Peso
CNY   156   Chinese yuan
COP   170   Colombian Peso
DKK   208   Danish krone
HRK   191   Croatian kuna
HUF   348   Fiorint
IDR   360   Rupiah
INR   356   Indian rupee
JPY   392   Yens
KRW   410   Won
KWD   414   Kuwaiti Dinar
KZT   398   Tenge
LTL   440   Lithuanian Litas
MAD   504   Moroccan Dirham
MOP   446   Pataca
MXN   484   Mexican Peso
MYR   458   Malaysian Ringgit
NOK   578   Norwegian Krone
NZD   554   New Zealand Dollar
PEN   608   Nuevo Sol
PHP   410   Philippine Peso
PLN   985   Polish złoty
RSD   941   Serbian dinar
SAR   682   Saudi Riyal
SGD   702   Singapore Dollar
TRY   949   Turkish Lira
UAH   980   Ukrainian hryvnia
USD   840   US Dollar
VEF   937   Bolivar Fuerte
ZAR   710   Rand