Collections at easypay kiosks

Piraeus Bank offers businesses innovative debt recovery solutions through the advanced easypay Automated Payment Devices throughout Greece. Use the easypay kiosks to make payments conveniently, whether you are a Piraeus Bank customer or not.

Nationwide network

Piraeus Bank has a broad network of hundreds of easypay kiosks throughout Greece. The easypay kiosks are either installed in Piraeus Bank branches or in other places, such as super markets, mobile phone stores, prefectures, embassies, courts, etc.

Customised online solutions

Among other operations, easypay kiosks accept and return banknotes and coins, instantly acknowledge the full amount of the transaction and issue a receipt similar to a cashier’s in real time. In addition, they are equipped with touch screens that can be customised to your company’s needs. This way Piraeus Bank can develop customised debt recovery solutions for your business.

Special transactions currently available:

  • Stamp duty voucher payments for the Athens Bar Association, embassies, public-sector entities and local government authorities. The options available to customers may be customised.
  • Payments depending on the device’s point of installation and other commercial criteria

E-ticketing service

Piraeus Bank’s easyticketing service offers your business the option of e-ticketing via easypay kiosks. Customers can rapidly and conveniently choose, issue and pay for tickets for the theatre, the cinema, concerts, sporting events, public transport, etc.

The easyticketing service is available via selected easypay kiosks installed in major urban centres. The easyticketing list of available shows, services and events is constantly expanding.