An experience of high standards in managing your assets.


Private Banking

Piraeus Bank Private Banking

At Piraeus Bank Private Banking we exceed your expectations, providing you with innovative solutions and leading market intelligence for portfolio management on a global level. Steadfastly focused on providing a unique banking experience of the highest standard, we are continuously developing our operating business model. We have established our presence using a network of seven strategically located Centres across Greece and we completed our Wealth Solutions design following the best practices standards of international Private Banks as part of our long-term strategy to provide a broader range of integrated services. Through Wealth Solutions, our specialised market analysis and wealth management department, International Private Banking, our exclusive partnerships with distinguished financial companies abroad, and an expanded presence in Greece, we provide you - our customers - with a banking experience of high standards, offering you high-quality innovative products and services.

At Piraeus Bank Private Banking we watch carefully the global political and economic changes and investment opportunities, we anticipate changes and we act in time in order to cover your needs successfully. We monitor international standards, harmonise our action with them, and create new, innovative practices, ensuring a long-term relationship of trust with you.

An Experience of High Standards. At Piraeus Bank, PRIVATE BANKING means dedication to your personal ambitions through services that are specially designed for you. 

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