Phone alerts still exist without being included in any subscription package, while their activation and management is made only through the phone banking service and the Bank’s branch network.

Phone alerts features

Phone alerts notify you of:

 1.   Transactions and Account balance notifications:

  • Whenever the accounting balance of your account changes
  • Whenever the accounting balance of your account becomes greater or less than a specific amount you define
  • Whenever the accounting balance of your account is within or outside specific monetary limits you define

For specific transactions made by:

  • Yourself, your co-beneficiaries or third person
  • Transaction through ΑΤΜ, winbank services or other channel
  • Piraeus Bank without your order, e.g. interest payment and tax withholding


  • Purchases with your debit card
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Money transfer to account
  • UTILITIES payments
  • Credit card payoff
  • Payment of loan installments
  • Outgoing remittances
  • Cheques payment


  • Payroll credit
  • Incoming remittances
  • Farmers subsidy payment
  • Money transfer from account
  • Cash deposit
  • Account interest, time deposit or REPOS payment
  • Payment of dividends
  • Tax refund

 2.   Transactions of your credit, debit and prepaid cards:

Credit, debit and prepaid cards phone alerts inform you about:

  • Purchases and cash withdrawals
  • The value of your transactions – over a safety limit set by you
  • The means of the transaction – points of sale, online or/and through telephone
  • The transaction country – Greece or/and abroad

 3.   Stock Exchange transactions:

Stock Exchange phone alerts monitor your portfolio and notify you of:

  • The execution of your stock purchase or sell order
  • A daily basis for your portfolio valuation, after the closing of the stock market
  • A daily synopsis of your stock transactions through the deal slip dispatch

Phone alerts management

Notification method

  • By Phone call – charge 1,85€ per successful notification call including VAT 23%

Notification types

Select or modify the conditions under which you wish to be notified:

  • The accounting balance of your account
  • Account credits and debits
  • Transactions with your credit, debit or prepaid card
  • Your stock portfolio transactions and valuation

Silent hours settings

You can assign the hours, during which you wish to be notified.