winbank WEBUY
With yellow reward Program

winbank WEBUY is a virtual prepaid card exclusive for online transactions and telephone orders.
  • Shopping online & over the phone

  • Free issuance
  • 1% of the reload amount (min. €1, max. €5)

  • Shopping online & over the phone

  • Free issuance
  • 1% of the reload amount (min. €1, max. €5)

How you benefit

Get your card issued instantly

You can get a new winbank WEBUY prepaid card free of charge via winbank web banking and winbank mobile app. The card is instantly issued and you can use it right away, as long as you load it through your bank account.

Convenience and flexibility

Use your winbank WEBUY virtual prepaid card for card-not-present transactions, such as online shopping, bill payments and telephone orders, as well as for contactless transactions at physical stores, through winbank pay Piraeus Bank's digital wallet

It is easy to manage your card (load, unload, monitor transactions, cancel and reissue) in real time, 24/7:

Control over use and security

You can manage your winbank WEBUY prepaid card at all times. Load and unload it, so as to be sure that only the balance you need for transactions, will be available. This protects your card against fraudulent use.

yellow Rewards Program

Earn yellows* for every € spent for your everyday purchases and payments with the use of your card. You can also earn yellows with every load you make

Do what you always did and win like never before!

*Available only for customers registered in the yellow Rewards Program.


Virtual card

winbank WEBUY is not issued in plastic. It is a virtual card you can use for transactions when a physical card is not required. You only need the number, expiry date and CVC code of your card.

No annual fee

You can get your winbank WEBUY prepaid card free of charge.

Direct debit

Your winbank WEBUY prepaid card is not a credit card. Transactions are paid for, by debiting the funds available on your card. Unless there are sufficient funds, transactions cannot be completed.

Daily transaction limit

From €50 to €10,000

You may able to use your card for as many transactions as you like, as long as the total amount you spend each day does not exceed your card’s available balance and daily transaction limit.

You set and modify your winbank WEBUY card’s daily transaction limit at any time, through:

Daily load limit 

From €3 to €3,000

You set the amount of money you load onto your winbank WEBUY prepaid card.

Fees for loading your winbank WEBUY prepaid card:

Type of transaction Fees 

Card issue


Card reissue


Purchases in €


Currency Conversion*

2,50% of the transaction amount


1% of the reload amount, min. €1, max. €5



Purchases in non euro currency. 

** If the unload amount is smaller than the unload charge, then the total unload amount will be collected as a fee.

Cash withdrawals and purchases at physical stores

You cannot make cash withdrawals or purchases at physical stores with your Piraeus Bank winbank WEBUY prepaid card. It is a virtual and not a plastic card, so it cannot be used at ATMs or physical stores.

How to get it

If you are not a Piraeus Bank customer, you must first open an account and gain access to winbank.

If you are a Piraeus Bank customer, you can issue a winbank WEBUY card instantly and free of charge, through:

If you are a Piraeus Bank’s customer it is possible that the identification documents you have provided to the Bank may not be valid as they are outdated. In this case you have to provide us with the necessary updated documentation.