Updating Individual Customers’ Data and Documents

Piraeus Bank, as all Credit Bank Institutions operating in our country, is required to obtain and maintain Customers’ information regarding their identity, income and taxation, and other personal data, as well as to verify these data with reliable sources that certify these details. Moreover, at regular intervals, the Bank should verify and update Customers’ details.

In this context, you can choose one of the following ways to update your information:

Α) Through winbank web banking or winbank mobile app, by transmitting your personal data from the electronic application eGov-KYC of the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration gov.gr.
After logging in with your personal username and password in winbank web banking or winbank mobile app, you are redirected to the Kyc.gov.gr website where with the use of your personal taxisnet codes, you have the opportunity to view your personal information and, if b

Β) Through winbank web banking, by uploading all necessary documents.
In case that you don’t have or you can’t remember your taxisnet codes, you can submit online the documents required for updating specific data, except your identification details. In particular:

1. Residential address and telephone number

  • Recent telecommunications bill or Mobile operator contract

2. VAT Registration Number and Income

  • Recent Administrative Tax Assessment Certificate (income tax slip)

3. Profession and business address

  • Employer’s certificate or
  • Copy of latest salary statement (presented by employees)
  • Social Insurance Institution Receipt (presented by retired persons) or
  • Certificate of profession (presented by freelancers)
  • Valid Unemployment OAED Card or Valid Unemployment OAED Certificate (for unemployed)

Γ) By visiting one of Piraeus Bank branches with the necessary supporting documents.

Please find below Customers’ data and respective documents that certify these data

Identification details

Greek Citizens:

  • Identity Card or
  • Valid passport or
  • Law Enforcement and Armed Forces personnel identity card

European Union (EU) Citizens

  • Valid passport or
  • EU Country Identity (bilingual, in Latin characters)

Non-EU Citizens

  • Valid passport or
  • Foreigner’s Identity Card issued by Hellenic Police or
  • Special ID Card for persons of ethnic Greek descent (issued by Hellenic Police) and
  • Residence Permit (required in case you permanently live in Greece)

Tax/ Income Data (VAT Registration Number & Income)

  • Recent Administrative Tax Assessment Certificate (income tax slip) for Greek Citizens or Citizens of non -OECD Countries
  • Certificate on no requirement to submit a tax return (presented in order to certify customers’ income, not applicable to certify VAT registration number) or
  • Tax Residency Certificate (presented by EU citizens or citizens of OECD countries (in order to certify the VAT registration number)

Customers’ other data

Current home address

  • Recent utility bill or telecommunications bill or landline bill (presented by foreign citizens) or
  • Home premises lease contract, filed to a tax office or Certificate of residence by the public authority of the country of residence (presented by foreign citizens)

Telephone number

  • Recent telecommunications or mobile phone bill or
  • Certification of a mobile telephony operator or mobile telephony representative or
  • Mobile operator contract

Profession and current business address

  • Employer’s certificate or
  • Copy of latest salary statement or
  • Valid professional Identity Card (issued by a professional association in the form of Legal Entity under Public Law) or
  • Certificate of profession
  • Social Insurance Institution Receipt or
  • Business premises lease contract, filed to a tax office


1. Individual Customers include Freelancers and Individual Enterprises

2. Documents presented to certify Customers’ information, except the Identification Card, must have a recent release date, as follows:

  • - the Administrative Tax Assessment Certificate and the Certificate on no requirement to submit a tax return, the current tax/financial year
  • - documents such as utility bills, the date of issue should be within the last six months
  • - other documents, as appropriate
  • - documents having an expiry date are valid until expiration.

3. For foreign residents, the certification documents must be translated in Greek or English and certified by the Greek Embassy or the Greek Consulate or notary public of the respective country or by an official Greek Public Authority.