Updating Customers' Data for Natural Entities

Credit Bank Institutions operating in our country are required to certify, verify and update the identity and income of their clients at regular intervals, on the basis of reliable proofs of original documents.

In this context, in order to update your details, you need to visit one of the Piraeus Bank branches with the necessary supporting documents, indicatively. Alternatively, through winbank web banking you can submit electronically the documents required for updating your contact details after a possible amendment without having to visit a branch.

Identification details

To certify of identification, please provide one of the following documents, as applicable:

    For Greek citizens:

    • Identity Card
    • Valid passport
    • Law Enforcement and Armed Forces personnel identity card

    For European Union citizens:

    • Valid passport
    • Country Identity if bilingual

    For third-country nationals:

    • Valid passport
    • Foreigner’s Identity Card issued by Hellenic Police
    • Special ID Card for persons of ethnic Greek descent (issued by Hellenic Police)

Current home address and telephone number

To certify your home address and telephone, please provide one of the following documents, as applicable:

  • Recent utility bill or mobile bill
  • Home or business premises lease contract, filed to a tax office

Professional details

To certify Profession and current business address please provide one of the following documents, as applicable:

  • Employer’s certificate
  • Copy of latest salary statement
  • Certificate of profession
  • Valid foreigner’s residence permit
  • Professional Identity Card
  • Social Insurance Institution Receipt

Income and Tax Information

To certify VAT Registration Number and Customer Income please provide one of the following documents, as applicable:

  • Administrative tax assessment certificate (recent income tax slip)
  • Certificate on no requirement to submit a tax return (when either of the above two documents is not available)

Non-residents and taxable persons in Greece should produce tax residency certificate.

For more information the relevant institutional obligation of banking institutions you can search on the information brochure
«Have you introduced yourself?».

Note: Natural Entities are defined as Individuals, Freelancers and Individual Enterprises