winbank Direct Car Insurance

In the following section you will find all information related to the winbank Direct car insurance.

Information provided and updates

Can I add a second driver online?

No. To add a second driver, visit a Piraeus Bank branch. Bring with you:

  • Your insurance certificate
  • A copy of the second person’s driving licence

There you will fill in and sign the Notice of Change of Vehicle Insurance Policy requesting that a second driver be added for the specific vehicle.

Can I change my details online (e.g. change of registration plates)?

No. To change any details on your insurance policy, visit a Piraeus Bank branch. Bring with you:

  • Your insurance certificate

There you will fill in and sign the Notice of Change of Vehicle Insurance Policy requesting the change you wish to make.

I have a newly bought vehicle. Can I transfer my old insurance policy to my new vehicle online?

You cannot transfer an insurance policy from one vehicle to another online. First you need to cancel your old insurance policy. To do this, visit a Piraeus Bank branch. Bring with you:

  • The original copy of your insurance certificate

There you will fill in and sign the Notice of Change of Car Insurance Policy requesting the cancellation of your old insurance policy. A refund on unexpired premiums will be credited back to the card you used to buy your insurance.

Then you can apply for the insurance of your new vehicle.

Renewal of the insurance policy

How will I know my insurance policy renewal is due?

Thirty (30) days prior to the expiry date of your policy, you will receive an email notifying you of the details of your new policy including the amount due and the payment code. Once you have paid for your new insurance policy, you will receive at your email address the insurance policy for your vehicle

How do I pay my insurance at each renewal?

You can pay through the winbank web banking service, at Piraeus Insurance Agency Societe Anonyme payment, by debit, credit or prepaid card. 

Paying by credit card, you may choose to pay in interest-free installments, depending on the period of cover you are selecting: up to 4 installments (4-month period), up to 6 installments (6-month period) or up to 12 installments (1-year period) card.

Cancellation of the insurance policy

Can I cancel my insurance policy?

Yes, anytime and regardless of the payment method you have chosen for your insurance policy.

Rights to object
Objection templates

I want to cancel my insurance policy. What do I do?

Visit any Piraeus Bank branch. Bring with you:

  • The original copy of your insurance certificate
  • The Notice of Change/Cancellation of Vehicle Insurance Policy filled in with your details

You will sign this notice at the bank’s branch to register your instruction to cancel your insurance.

If I cancel my insurance policy, will I receive a refund on premiums paid?

According to your rights to object or withdraw, if your cancellation notice is submitted:

  • Within 14 days of activating your insurance, you will receive a full refund on premiums paid
  • After more than 14 days of activating your insurance, you will receive a proportional refund on premiums paid, relevant to the period of time your insurance has been in force.

Rights to object

Instructions in case of damage

Car Insurance

Question: What should I do at the time of the accident? How do I claim indemnity for my vehicle?

Report the incident. Call Accident Care:

From a landline on 801 11 99000

From a mobile phone on 210 6504022

A qualified associate will take care of the procedures help you to fill in the Accident Form or the Amicable Settlement Form. They will also tell you what documents or evidence you have to submit along with these forms and will guide on how to proceed in order to be claim indemnity:

Transport your vehicle to the repair garage of your choice to be repaired.

Call ERGO insurance on 210 3705300, Monday-Thursday 8:30 to 16:30 or Friday 8:30 to 15:30 working days. They will help you book an appointment with the assessor who will go to the repair garage to agree on the cost of damages.

Once your vehicle has been repaired, pay the repair garage. Collect all the receipts and submit copies to the Piraeus Bank branch you have chosen. They will forward them to ERGO insurance.

Once in the claims file is complete with all documents required (e.g. accident form, driving license, registration card, assessor’s report etc.), ERGO will issue a crossed cheque in the name of the vehicle owner for the amount of the indemnity.

Pick up the cheque from the Piraeus Bank branch you choose. ERGO insurance will request you to send them the original receipts and any other documents.

Accident care at ERGO

To whom?
To the owner or to the legitimate holder as well as every legal driver of the insured vehicle.

In any case, of motor or other accident, covered by the motor insurance policy (except glass break damage), regardless of whether the insured person is liable or not.

Across mainland of Greece and the Islands: Aegina, Andros, Chios, Corfu, Crete, Evia, Karpathos, Kefallinia, Kos, Kythira, Lefkas, Leros, Limnos, Mykonos, Mytilene, Naxos, Paros, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini, Sifnos, Syros and Zakynthos.

What accident care does?

 1.  Sends immediately a partner to the scene of the accident for:

  1. - Confirmation and registration of necessary data.
  2. - Taking photos.
  3. - Online accident form completion.
  4. - Help fill out an accident form or the Amicable Settlement Form.

 2.  Calling the traffic police or an ambulance if there is injury.

 3.  Share via telephone medical and legal advice, relevant to the accident.

The accident care’s center operates 24 /7. Call accident care:

  1. - From a landline on 801 11 99000
  2. - From a mobile phone on 210 6504022

Transport vehicle due to an accident:
Covers the transportation of the insured vehicle to a repair garage, if the vehicle cannot be moved because of an accident.

Question: What can I do if I have an accident with an uninsured vehicle?

Damages that are caused by uninsured vehicles are indeed very serious especially in our country that the uninsured vehicles percentage keeps increasing. The claim indemnity for bodily injury and property damage is settled by an independent authority called ‘Epikouriko Kefalaio’ . Nevertheless, ERGO has included in the retail packages the peril ‘Damage of an uninsured vehicle’. The insured amount of this peril is up to €100,000.

Question: What should I do if I get in an accident in Greece caused by a vehicle with foreign plates?


  1. Call the Police to record the accident.
  2. Note down correctly the registration number of the foreign vehicle and its country of origin.
  3. Do not forget to note down the make and type of the foreign vehicle.
  4. Ask from the foreign driver to present his/her Green Card or insurance policy. If possible, make a copy of the Green Card or the insurance policy or cut the copy of the Green Card or Frontier Insurance. If not possible, note down in detail paragraphs 3,4,5,10 of the Green Card. In case the foreign driver has an insurance policy, note down the name of the foreign insurance company, the policy number and dates of validity.
  5. The Greek Bureau undertakes the handling of all accidents occurring in Greece by a vehicle bearing plates from another country-member of the Green Card System and is supplied with a Green Card or a Certificate of Frontier Insurance, or coming from a member state of the EU or the E.E.A.
  6. Call Greek Bureau tel. (+30) 210 3223324, 3238402, 3236562 – fax. (+30) 210 3238370 or visit for further instructions

Question: What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

First you need to register the theft to the competent Police Authority and deposit the relevant indictment for theft. Also you need to inform your insurance company. If you have theft peril in your motor insurance policy the claim settlement will take place after a period of 60 days, if the vehicle is not found (please note that the starting date of this period is the date that the theft was announced in the Police Authority).

Question: What is the Amicable Settlement Form?

From 1/5/2000 insurance companies in Greece established an automated system to compensate their clients. The logic behind it is that any insured that he/she is not responsible for the accident, can settle his/her claim with his/hers insurance company. The form of the Direct Payment System started with the claim indemnity of an accident with material damages only, but from 1/9/2005 covers also bodily injuries. The completion of the the Amicable Settlement Form accelerates claims procedures. This form is included in each insurance policy and for completing you have to follow the simple instructions that are included in the form.

Piraeus Financial Holdings SA, as an insurance intermediary, carries out the activity of distribution of insurance products, in the name and on behalf of the insurance companies with which it maintains cooperation.