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Get 20% discount on your car insurance by ERGO Insurance!

The offer can be withdrawn at any time by Insurance Company.

Μy Auto  Insurance offers everything from simple to specialized forms of coverage in a choice of 3 different plans

Simply choose the plan that suits your needs, preferences and pocket.

Additional to the insurance packages:

  • Vehicle & Driver legal protection from DAS Hellas
  • Roadside Assistance

4 months
6 months
1 year

beyond the basic
Simply choose the plan that suits your needs, preferences and pocket.

Additional to the insurance packages:

  • Vehicle & Driver legal protection from DAS Hellas
  • Roadside Assistance

4 months
6 months
1 year

beyond the basic

How you benefit

Insurance tailored to your needs

Simply choose the package that suits your needs, preferences and pocket.

Free Accident Care

All "My Auto" insurance plans include free Accident Care from ERGO Insurance, in partnership with roadside assistance company Mapfre Asistencia.

Amicable Settlement of Claims

We pay out claims immediately using the amicable settlement procedure. Put simply, this means you avoid time-consuming procedures.

Interest-free premium instalments

Use any Piraeus Bank credit card to pay your premiums in up to 12 interest-free monthly installments, depending on the duration of the insurance you choose.

Interest-free premium instalments

ERGO provides special pricing in case you combine your “My Auto” insurance with another ERGO insurance product.


The various types of coverage available under My Auto insurance packages are offered in line with the general and special terms of your contract:

Third-party liability
Invalid driving license
Damage from insured vehicle
Driver hospitalization
Driver death
Driver permanent total disability
Driver permanent partial disability
Driver medical costs
Glass breakage
Total theft
Partial theft
Adverse weather conditions (exlc. Hail)
Accident care
Vehicle towage due to accident
Criminal legal protection

No type of coverage can be deducted from these insurance packages.

To all packages you can optionally add the following:

  • Roadside Assistance for vehicle up to 20 years
  • Legal Protection (15.000)



Advanced Advanced Plus Total

Η εν λόγω τιμολόγηση αφορά:

  • Passenger vehicle , 1 year ,1400 cc, sum insured €15.000
  • In Athens
  • Male, aged 35 years


Vehicle driver

  • You must hold a Greek or international driving licence
  • You must be aged over 18
  • You must be a resident of Greece or have a valid residence permit
  • You must be natural person (not legal , institution, etc). *Only for Winbank insurance


  • It must have Greek licence plates
  • Its current value must be below €60,000 otherwise approval for the coverage must be obtained from the insurance company (only applies for the Ideal & Supreme plans)
  • There must have been no more than 2 at-fault claims in the last 8 years
  • The vehicle must not already be insured with ERGO

ERGO Drive&Win

The new innovative ERGO Drive&Win application is your ally for good and safe routes, it helps you to become even better drivers and, in addition, it rewards your driving performance!

Drive safely and let the ERGO's new innovative application ERGO Drive&Win reward you by:

  • discounts up to 20% on the premiums of your ERGO car insurance policy
  • participation in competitions and draws
  • contribution to ERGO’s social responsibility actions

The ERGO Drive&Win application is available for free to all (whether or not you maintain an ERGO car insurance policy).

To enjoy safe routes, you can sign up for ERGO Drive&Win through link or download the app from your mobile phone via App Store or Google Play.

ERGO Drive&Win:



  • How do I pay my premiums?
    You pay your premiums as soon as we issue the order to cover your vehicle. You can do this in 2 ways::

    • Set up a standing order by debiting your account
    • Pay using a Piraeus Bank credit card. You can pay in up to 12 interest-free instalments, depending on the duration of your vehicle insurance.
  • What does Accident Care cover?
    Accident Care is offered immediately, 24/7. In case of an accident, one of our qualified associates arrives at the scene immediately. They offer you assistance and take care of all the procedures for reporting and documenting the accident:

    • They help you fill in the Accident Form
    • They help you fill in the Road/Traffic Accident Amicable Settlement Form, provided this is possible, since it depends on the nature of the accident (e.g. how many vehicles are involved in the accident)
    • They call the Traffic Police and/or an ambulance in the event of injury
    • They photograph the insured vehicle as well as any other third-party vehicles involved in the accident
    • They send all supporting documents to the ERGO headquarters so as to set the compensation procedure in motion
    • They arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the repair garage of your choice, provided it has been immobilised
    • They offer useful advice with regard to the incident so that you can rest assured that all the necessary actions have been taken and your interests have been safeguarded.
  • What is Direct Settlement of Agreement?
    Direct Settlement of Agreement aims at facilitating the insured parties. Insurance companies have established a compensation system for insured customers who have been involved in a road accident without being at fault. These customers don't have to contact the insurance company that covers the at-fault driver. They just fill in the Road/Traffic Accident Amicable Settlement Form, which speeds up the compensation procedure.
  • What is a Green Card?

    All vehicle insurance policies offer insurance coverage only when the vehicle is in Greece. If you plan to travel outside Greece with your vehicle and wish to extend your third-party vehicle liability cover, you need to have a special international insurance certificate issued the Greek Card.

    The Green Card insures vehicles in European Union member-states and in European Economic Area countries.

  • Why should I buy vehicle insurance from ERGO?
    ERGO is one of the largest and most reliable insurance companies specialising in car insurance.

    • Substantial protection for you and your vehicle
    • Immediate service whenever and wherever you need it
    • Guaranteed indemnity without time-consuming procedures
    • 24-hour Accident Care in Greece
    • Transparency so that you know precisely in which cases your vehicle is insured
    • Insurance solutions that best suit your needs and budget
    • Comprehensive roadside assistance in Greece and abroad
    • Additional benefits, depending on the insurance policy you choose
  • Why should pay using my credit card?
    When you pay by credit card you become a customer of Piraeus Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of Piraeus Bank. You can charge any credit card you hold with a Greek bank. Depending on the period of cover you are settling, you may choose to pay in interest-free instalments: up to 6 instalments (6-month period) or up to 12 instalments (1-year period).
  • What supporting documents should I bring with me at the Piraeus Bank branch?

    For vehicle insurance:

    • ID card, passport or any other form of ID
    • The driving licence of each person you declare as driver of that vehicle
    • The registration card of the vehicle
    • The purchase invoice, if the vehicle is newly bought

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