IRIS payments service

  IRIS payments service allows you to receive money and make payments instantly, only by using your tax identification number or mobile phone number.


  • Instant money collection from your customers and business partners in Greece, without IBAN
  • Credit of your business account, simply by notifying your TIN or mobile phone number to your debtors
  • Acquisition of your professional IRIS payments QR for flexible management of your collections
  • Immediate money transfer and availability in your account within a few seconds
  • Instant money transfer settlement of low value payments to third parties
  • Service always available, with no time limits (24/7/365)

How can I register to the service?

You can register to the service:

  • for professional use with your mobile phone number or tax identification number TIN as an identifier and / or
  • for personal use with your mobile phone number as an identifier,

and choose the appropriate bank account to which you wish to receive payments to, via:

  • winbank app, by selecting "IRIS Payments – Service Management " from "SERVICES " menu or
  • winbank web banking, by selecting the "PURCHASES & APPLICATIONS" menu and then "IRIS Payments with mobile or TIN – Administration".

Having been registered to the service for professional use, as a sole proprietorship / freelancer professional, you automatically get your own IRIS payments QR, which remains available in your profile.

How can I use the service?

For professional use, you can instantly receive micropayments from your customers within a few seconds via mobile phone. To collect your money even easier, you can present your IRIS payments QR (from your mobile phone, business card, etc.) for scanning and collect your money faster than ever. At the same time, you can instantly manage your debts to your partners.  

In addition, for personal use you can easily pay your expenses (coffee, food, etc.) and other obligations (i.e. rent), or receive payments from your friends and family.

How much money can I daily receive/send?

  • You can receive money, regardless of the number of transactions, up to 500€ for each transaction.
  • You can send money up to 500€ per day via winbank app, regardless of the number of transactions.

From / To whom can I receive / send money?

You can receive money from any of your customers or / and send money to your friends, relatives or partners, registered to the service.

The service is available between the participants: Piraeus Bank – National Bank of Greece - Eurobank – Alpha Bank – Optima Bank - Epiros Cooperative Bank - Viva Payments.