Real Estate Leasing

Piraeus Bank offers flexible Business Premises Leasing solutions to suit your business’ needs. Real Estate Leasing gets you important tax benefits compared to traditional property rental.

Business Premises Leasing

Business premises leasing solutions. It applies to any space that may constitute business premises, such as offices and office complexes, shops, medical practices or clinics, galleries, exhibition centres, warehouses and factories.

Business premises leasing offers major benefits:

  • When your contract expires, you become the owner of the business premises you were leasing
  • You secure all the necessary financing resources for your business to grow
  • Unlike traditional rents, leasing rents are not subject to inflationary increases in real estate pricing
  • Your business’ credit rating is not impaired

Moreover, business premises leasing gets you more favourable tax terms:

  • Real estate transfer tax is only paid at the beginning, is exempted at expiry and may be capitalised
  • VAT and other indirect costs, such as stamp duty, etc., do not apply to leasing rentals (except for factories)
  • You are in possession of the property throughout the leasing contract, so you keep all the obligations of the owner
  • The part of the rent relating to the building is tax exempt

Sale & Lease Back

Leasing solutions to sell and lease back the same property.

Sale & Lease Back is the best solution for businesses with considerable fixed assets:

  • It enhances your business’ liquidity and improves your working capital
  • It makes your business’ fixed assets more efficient
  • It helps you in financing your investments more rationally
  • It improves your financial statements
  • It restructures the lessee’s financials
  • It offers tax reliefs and exemptions