winbank alerts for Business Banking

With the new business subscription package of winbank alerts service you may have instant access easily and quickly through SMS and email regarding transactions of your accounts, cards (credit / prepaid) & stock exchange portfolio. It reminds you of scheduled payments of your business and notifies you on specific alterations at your portfolio.

Service Features

Notifications for businesses are included in a subscription package your business may purchase through the Bank’s branch network or through winbank web banking service.

Each package is differentiated depending on the supported means of notification (email & SMS), the duration and the notification categories it provides, in order to select the one that covers the daily needs of your business.

The service informs you instantly regarding specific alterations of your portfolio, defined by you:

  • Alteration to the accounting balance of your account
  • Selected transactions of your account such as cash withdrawal, money transfer, due payments, as well as remittances deposits, interest and dividend payments
  • Transactions (purchases and withdrawals) made with your cards (credit, prepaid)
  • Credit cards account statement issuance
  • Reminder and execution of your scheduled payment orders
  • Purchasing or selling of stocks
  • Daily stock portfolio valuation

You may adjust the parameters of your package according to your preferences. Specifically, you may alter the language of notifications, the means of notification (e-mail or/and mobile phone number) and set silence periods, during which you will not be receiving alerts.

During the service period you have the ability to:

  • upgrade your package, at any time, in order to increase its duration, by upgrading from the monthly package to the yearly one, which is provided with 2 months of free usage. You may also alter the conditions of your notifications. In case of upgrade, the expiration date of your package is automatically re-adjusted, based on the duration of the new package
  • cancel your package, at any Piraeus Bank branch, at any time, in order to buy another package, or discontinue the service, with proportionate return of your current package payment on your account or card

Moreover, you have the ability of automatic package renewal, by debiting your account or your card, succeeds in seamless service provision for as long as you select. The service notifies you automatically and inexpensively, through a special SMS message when your package is not renewed, due to insufficient balance of your account or card. In case you have not selected the automatic renewal option for your package, the service will be automatically discontinued on the end date of your package and you will have the ability to buy any other package of your choice.

Phone alerts will continue to exist without being included in any subscription package, while their activation and maintenance will be performed only through phone banking and the bank’s branch network.


winbank alerts service helps you monitor your portfolio constantly and directly. This provides you with security and control over your transactions.

Flexibility in notification and safety

winbank alerts service, focusing on the completeness of your information and your safety, enables you to:

  • Be informed about transactions in your business account or your business cards when they occur in the way you have selected
  • Learn your business account balance the moment it is altered
  • Receive notifications each time your business credit cards’ statements are issued in order to know your dues for next month
  • Be informed one day prior to your scheduled payment, for potential insufficiency of your business account’s available balance or for exceeding the limit of the standing payment order you have specified
  • Know if one of your scheduled payments has been executed or not
  • Have daily stock portfolio valuation and real-time information for your stocks’ purchase and sell

Flexibility to use and Economy

In favor of flexibility of use and economy, winbank alerts service offers:

  • Clear charges for cost control and economy. You keep the cost control throughout the life of the service, while saving money compared to the cost per notification
  • Percentage refund, based on usage or time, in case of package upgrade
  • Selection of time duration (monthly ή yearly) with relevant cost saving (all yearly packages are provided with 2 months free usage of the service compared to the 12 renewals of the relevant monthly package)
  • Ability of automatic package renewal by debiting your account or card, to ensure the smooth delivery of service and alternatives to the mean of payment


winbank alerts service informs you instantly of transactions made at your account or cards, while at the same time informs you on the progress of your payment orders (future, recurring and standing), as well as the activity of your stock portfolio. Thus, you can react immediately and prevent potential risks in the event you become aware of activity that does not meet your trading habits.

24/7 operation

winbank alerts service is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It notifies you when any transaction that complies within the conditions you have specified is made, in the way you have selected. All notifications sent by the service are recorded in the history of your winbank alerts, which you can review at any time.

Purchase of the Service

The duration of the service is always determined by the duration of each package you select (monthly or yearly).

The cost of the package you select is billed to your account or your card upon your registration to the service.

Packages overview

Package Name Package Features

Full Business
(SMS & email)


Payment orders
Stock Exchange



Accounts Free e-mails





Service Activation

In order to activate winbank alerts service, you just have to have a business bank account or business credit card at Piraeus Bank. The activation is made:

  • At a Piraeus Bank branch with the presence of the legal representative
Find the nearest branch to you

  • Through winbank web banking, provided your business is registered to the service