Managing my business

Piraeus Bank provides you with daily financial management solutions for your business.

In order that you always have the ultimate control of your cash flows, consolidating the inflows and outflows in one account while achieving the best possible utilization of your cash flow, we offer you:

  • The Business Sight Account (for legal entities) or the Commercial Account (for sole proprietorships & freelancers)
  • First checkbook (10p) free of charge
  • Free check processing
  • Free cancellation of private checks
  • Free issuance of specific types of Bank Checks
  • Free issuing of the Business Debit card (Valid only for new issues)
  • Free subscription for the 1st year on Corporate Credit Cards

  • Free payroll implementation for the 1st year and privileges for the staff of the company

  • Card acceptance and clearing services (POS, e-POS) in cooperation with EURONET MERCHANT SERVICES PAYMENT FOUNDATION (“epay”).

    Piraeus Bank cooperates with epay for the distribution, through its network, of epay products and services, regarding the acceptance and settlement of card payments, carried out in physical or online stores and offers you the following:

    • One wired terminal free of charge for the 1st year * with turnover target of € 12,000, for new terminal applications.
    • Personalized Card Acceptance Pricing
    • DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service with zero commission
    • epay eCommerce services

    *If the company does not achieve annual turnover greater than or equal to € 12,000, from next year on, a monthly management cost of € 9 plus VAT will be applied.
The new Piraeus Culture & Creativity 360° is available to Businesses active in the Art & Culture sectors and is valid for the first year of entry.

The products and services of Piraeus Culture & Creativity 360° and special pricing, where these exist, can be reviewed every 01/04 and 01/10 of each year.