Get the epay POS in 6 simple steps:

  1. Visit a Piraeus Bank branch having the following documents:
    • A certificate of commencement of business from the tax office with any changes (showing main and secondary activities). Also accepted: printout from TAXISnet or the One-Stop-Shop service.
    • E3 form for businesses with B' category books.
    • Balance sheet/income statement, for businesses with C' category books.
    • Periodic VAT declaration (current year) or recent balance (current year).
    • Insurance certificate from IKA in force (only in cases where you request the installment payment service).
  2. You receive personalized pricing based on the needs and size of your business, as well as all necessary technical details and information.
  3. Your request is evaluated by epay.
  4. You are informed by the branch employee about the outcome of your request, without requiring a new visit to the branch.
  5. You receive the epay POS at your premises by courier.