DIASDEBIT Interbank Debt Recovery

Piraeus Bank offers the DIASDEBIT interbank batch debt recovery system to help businesses that regularly receive payments from numerous payers:

  • Direct Debit Orders
  • Payment Orders

Collection services to your company through Electronic Payment Services of DIAS Interbank Systems

Piraeus Bank, through DIAS Interbank Payment System, facilitates companies that regularly collect debts from a large number of payers, offering the following benefits:

  • Flexibility for your clients to pay the invoices of your company through accounts they keep in the Bank of their preference.
  • Collection of all payments to a single company’s bank account in Piraeus Bank, managing business cash conveniently and efficiently.
  • The company receives in a daily basis a complete automated and centralized report file for all transactions regardless of the bank that have been executed.
  • Creation of a distinctive payment for your company, available on all channels (Branch network/internet banking/phone banking) of each bank participating in the system, by using a unique payment code and the payment amount.
  • DIAS Electronic Payment System handles credit transfers as well as direct debits payment services.
  • Ability of a real time information for the exact time of the payment transaction.
  • Piraeus Bank will support company for all procedures required to entry into the DIAS Interbank Electronic Payment System, in order to be able to collect the debts of all banks debtors participating in the scheme.