Now you can use Piraeus Bank cards with Google PayTM

Google PayTM is the fast, simple and secure way to pay at millions of places around the world on sites, in apps, and in stores.

With Google PayTM your payments with Visa & Mastercard® Piraeus Bank cards are easier than ever before. Just use your Android smartphone or smartwatch*.

* Check if your smartphone can make contactless payments here or your smartwatch here

How to add a card

Set up Google WalletTM in a few easy steps:

  • Via the new “winbank app” (Android)

    Log in to the new “winbank app” (Android), navigate to the “Cards” section, select the card you wish to add and select “Add to Google Pay”.

  • Via Google WalletTM application
  • Download the Google WalletTM app from Google Play
  • Follow the instructions to add a card
  • Verify your card, if needed, by entering to the application the One Time Password (OTP) that you will receive by SMS on the mobile phone which you have declared to the Bank

Then you’re all set!

How to Pay

With Google PayTM, there’s no need to carry your wallet or cash. You can pay quickly and easily with your smartphone or smartwatch in stores wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Within your favorite apps and sites just choose Google PayTM at checkout, confirm your purchase and you’re good to go!

Where to pay

Use Google WalletTM wherever you see one of these symbols

Frequently Asked Questions


Are my payments safe?

Google Pay protects your payment information with multiple layers of security. When you use your smartphone for contactless payments, Google Pay does not share your real card number. Instead, when you add your card to Google WalletTM , an encrypted virtual account number is assigned to that card on the particular device, so that the real card number remains secure. The real card number is not stored on the device nor is shared with merchants.

Please note that the virtual account number used for your Google Pay transactions is printed on the POS receipt.

See here how your payment details are protected.

Adding Cards

How can I add a card to Google WalletTM?

To add your card, follow these simple steps:

A) Via the new “winbank app” (Android)
  1. Log in to the new “winbank app” on your Android device and navigate to “Cards” section.
  2. Select the card you want to add and then select “Add to Google Pay”.
  3. Transaction authorization is required using your Quick Login.
  4. Your name and the last 4 digits of your card number appear on your screen. To continue select: Next.
  5. Accept the Piraeus Bank terms and conditions.
  6. If required, enter the unique OTP code that you will receive via SMS on your mobile phone which you have declared to the Bank.
Adding your card to Google WalletTM is completed! Repeat the same process for each card you wish to add to Google WalletTM.

B) Via Google WalletTM application :
  1. Download the Google WalletTM app from Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Open the Google WalletTM app, select "Add to Wallet +" and then "Payment Card".
  3. Enter your card details and tap “Save”.
  4. Read the terms of use of Piraeus Bank and tap “Accept”.
  5. Select the one-time password (OTP) as the verification method if required.
  6. Enter the one time password (OTP) that you will receive by SMS on the mobile phone that you have declared to the Bank

Your card is now active in Google WalletTM to make payments with Google Pay!

If you want to add more Piraeus Bank cards to Google WalletTM, you will need to repeat the process for each card. See here how to add card to Google WalletTM.

How do I remove a card from Google WalletTM?

You can remove your cards through Google WalletTM application.

See here detailed instructions on how to manage your Google WalletTM cards.

If you want to remove a card from Google WalletTM and then add it again, you will need to repeat the process of adding your card.


How do I pay with my smartphone?

For contactless payments, just wake up your Android device and hold it near the POS reader. In some cases, such as high value transactions, you may be asked to unlock your device.

For online transactions on websites and apps, simply select Google Pay as your payment method or click the "Google Pay" icon.

See here detailed information how to make your payments with Google Pay.


My physical card registered in Google WalletTM for payments with Google Pay has been lost / stolen what should I do?

In case of theft / loss of your card, contact Customer Service at 210 3288000. Your physical card will be replaced and once you receive and activate it, it will automatically be updated on Google WalletTM  without any further action. Google WalletTM  automatic update excludes debit cards that are reissued due to loss, theft or damage from the Piraeus Bank Branches or the Customer Service, for which you will need to go through the process of adding the new card by yourself.

I am waiting for my card replacement; can I use it to make payments with Google Pay until the new physical card arrives?

In case of a registered in Google WalletTM Pay card is replaced, either automatically due to expiration or at your request due to theft, loss or damage, transactions via Google Pay may continue to be performed with it, for a limited period, even if the new card has not been activated yet. This period is provided by the Bank for your convenience and shall not replace your obligation to activate the new physical card. This period is not provided for debit cards that are reissued, due to theft, loss or damage, from the Piraeus Bank Branches or the Customer Service.