PIRAEUS free wifi

Piraeus Bank is the first Bank in Greece to bring the new Piraeus free wifi service in order to offer everybody free access to the internet, as well as a new developed banking experience.

What we offer you

You can enjoy free access to the internet from your smartphone, tablet or laptop in all branches of the Piraeus Bank network. Through the Piraeus free wifi service, you have free access to:
  • the social media
  • the applications you have installed on your mobile or tablet, including Piraeus Bank applications (winbank mobile banking and easypay)
  • the internet, with limitation regarding the access to websites with inappropriate content (gambling, violence, etc.)

How do I connect to Piraeus free wifi?

If your device’s wifi is activated and you approach one of the 400 storeshotspots where the Piraeus free wifi service is already provided, you will receive a notification on the service availability. You will find it by using SSID Piraeus_free_wifi.
The process for your connection to the service is simple:
  • Open your browser and type the address you want to visit
  • Instead of that page, the welcome page of the Piraeus free wifi service opens
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the service
  • Insert the Captcha Code
  • Select “Connection”
You are not required to give your personal data.

Are there any restrictions to the use of the service?

Yes. The access time to every Piraeus free wifi spot is limited and lasts 60’ (seconds). When time is up, the service is interrupted. If you want to reconnect to the service, you must follow the connection process. In the terms and conditions of the free wifi service, the restrictions to paragraph “Use of the service” are extensively analyzed.

Is the use of the service safe?

Piraeus free wifi service for access to the internet and internet services is provided in cooperation with Forthnet. As you know, the internet is an open environment and you are entirely responsible for the protection of your personal data. Therefore you must take the required security measures in order to prevent the illegal use of your personal data. Forthnet is not liable for the integrity and confidentiality of the information, files and data (including any financial data like credit card numbers) you exchange through the internet. In the terms and conditions of the use of Piraeus free wifi service, safety matters are extensively analyzed.

I cannot connect to a website. Is there a problem with the connection?

There may be a problem in the availability or/and the operation of the service in general, but you can try to access a website that is not allowed by the Piraeus free wifi spots, due to Piraeus Bank policy reasons. The service will not allow you to access the specific website, but you will still have access to other websites and internet services.