Every day banking with your winbank mobile app. Use winbank mobile app to manage your finances, monitor your daily expenses and your own savings goals.

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In order to use winbank mobile app, you must be a Piraeus Bank customer, registered at winbank.

Financial management tools

winbank mobile app provides you with useful information on your expenses and you can also set and monitor your spending goals.

  • You can view all your recent transactions, from your accounts and cards. Each transaction is automatically listed under specified categories and sub-categories. For example, you complete a purchase within a Supermarket using your Piraeus Bank Card; your purchase is automatically indexed under the “Home” category and at the same time, as “Supermarket” sub-category.

    If you want, you can easily change the transaction category and sub-category according to your needs.
  • You can view all your expenses for the current month and you can set your spending goals per category. By setting up spending goals, you can easily track your expenses compared to your spending goals and your monthly budget.
  • You can monitor the progress of your saving goals for your plans such as a trip or your next car service through web banking.

Update personal data through gov.gr

Through winbank you can update your personal data online, by linking to the public administration's single digital portal gov.gr. using your taxisnet codes, without having to visit any branch of Piraeus Bank.

If you have Greek Identity Card, the data you can update are:

1. Identity certification
2. Income (VAT number and incomes)
3. Contact Details (Home address, communication address, contact number, email)
4. Profession (Occupation and work address)

A prerequisite is the declaration of at least your mobile phone number at the National Notification Center (gov.gr), if you have not already declare it.

Portfolio Table

Νow you can apply and receive the Table with the products of your portfolio following simple steps from the menu Services management. 
The Portfolio Table is given for every legal use.

PSD2 Service Directive - What Changes

In order to conduct transactions at winbank mobile app authorization is already required with quick login (4digit PIN, fingerprint or FaceID at compatible devices) for every transaction.

Wide range of transactions

Your transactions easier than ever!

Through winbank mobile app, you can complete your banking transactions in a quick and easy way:

  • Bill and Card payments (Piraeus Bank cards and other Banks' cards)

  • Information about your prepaid card and loading

  • winbank pay: Contactless payments with cards in physical stores via your mobile*

  • Transfers and remittances to domestic Banks and abroad

  • Money transfer through IRIS payment with mobile or TIN

  • Instant Cash through "Lefta sto Lepto"

  • Mobile Top Up

  • e-Administrative fee payment

  • Entertainment and Digital content

New online products

  • Account opening
  • Issue/reissue winbank WEBUY prepaid card
  • Pay & Save saving service activation
  • Issue/reissue debit card

*compatible with Android 5+ devices supporting NFC.

Apple Pay

Now you can add your Piraeus Bank Visa & Mastercard® cards to Apple Pay via winbank mobile app (iOS). Apple Pay is an easy, fast and safe way to perform your daily transactions with your card in stores, in apps and online via iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

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Access & service management

  • View balances and transactions for Accounts, Cards, Loans and Investment products (shares, bonds, mutual funds, repos)

  • Password reset & Username reminder

  • Activate / deactivate cards

  • Tax deduction expenses analysis & expenses calculator

  • Personalized information about your available, for redemption, rewards points (yellows)

Maximum possible security

  • You can access winbank mobile app exclusively by fingerprint, face recognition or 4digit PIN*. Therefore, you can get advantage of the maximum possible security, since only you at your device can use the app.

  • Allowing the app’s push notifications, the extraPIN code is automatically submitted for your transactions. You only have to confirm the transaction's execution using your preferable quick login, saving time while maintaining the highest level of security.

*Depending on the capabilities of your device.

Transactions Available via winbank mobile app
  • Available per case
  • Available Service
  • New


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Account opening
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Account Closing

Credit Cards

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Make payments

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Apple Pay

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