Business Banking - Web banking

The revised payment service directive (PSD2) will make electronic transactions within European Union safer and easier.

Transactions with strong authentication

In order to conduct transactions at winbank web banking, every transaction should be authorized. Transaction authorization will be performed through push notification at new winbank business app, with an extraPIN delivered through SMS at the company’s registered user or alternatively using a code from a token generator.

Trusted beneficiaries

At winbank web banking you can designate, if you wish, beneficiaries with whom you frequently and regularly transact as trustees. Beneficiaries you designate as trusted beneficiaries will no longer require strong identification when conducting a transaction.

For the following transactions you can exempt them from the strong authentication requirement, setting them as a trusted beneficiary:

  • Transfer money to someone’s else account at Piraeus Bank
  • Remittances
  • Payments to organizations
  • Credit card payment
  • Load Business Prepaid Card

Management of trusted beneficiaries (creation / deletion) is set from authorized users (admin user) at security settings at user’s profile. Once a beneficiaries is set as a Trusted Beneficiary, it is available to all corporate users. A user in order to manage trusted beneficiaries, should apply at his Piraeus Bank branch proper legal documents with the required declaration.