Bills of Exchange Collection Service

For businesses that use bills of exchange as a means of trading with their customers, Piraeus Bank provides the “Bills of Exchange Collection Service”.

Bills of Exchange Collection Service

Piraeus Bank provides “Bills of Exchange Collection Service”, for total and integrated management of your claims. After subscribing to the service, you can present your bills of exchange (signed by your clients) to your nearest Piraeus Bank branch and the Bank will undertake on your behalf:
  • their safe keeping
  • written notification to the debtors
  • tracking of their expiration dates
  • their payment collection
  • reporting of unpaid items to TIRESIAS Bank Information Systems S.A.

Benefits for your business

  • Safety.

    Bills of exchange are safely kept in suitably designed areas within the Bank premises.

  • Reduced operating cost, since all the procedures are made by the Bank.
  • Full service from experienced and specialized staff.

    Piraeus Bank engages in all the necessary steps to successfully complete the payment collection of bills of exchange.

  • Credit Balance monitoring.

    Capability to view the total credit balance of your bills of exchange through winbank web banking.

  • Instant credit of your account on each payment of bill of exchange.
  • Instant information.

    Informative alerts via sms or email every time your account is credited.

  • Reporting of unpaid bills of exchange to TIRESIAS Bank Information Systems S.A. in due date, to achieve legal claims.

Benefits for your customers

The use of “Bills of Exchange Collection Service” will also benefit your customers since:
  • They receive written notification with analytical details for each bill of exchange and instructions for their payment
  • They are notified about the full address of their nearest Piraeus Bank’s branch where the payment will take place