Remittances via winbank web banking for Businesses

Settle your business payments in Greece or abroad, with a remittance in Euro or foreign currency. Experience a simple, fast, safe, and low cost internet procedure.

How you benefit

  • Money transfers worldwide

  • Low fees depending on the payment’s amount and destination country

  • 24/7 service through winbank web banking

  • Online beneficiary’s IBAN verification

  • Capability to set up fixed and/or future remittance orders

  • Capability to recreate remittance orders that you make on a regular basis without any further data input

  • Online availability of payment confirmation, in the form of either a swift confirmation or an advice including further payment details (amount, fees, beneficiary etc), that you can either print or receive to your email

  • Instant and online updates on the status of your remittance order and your account debits via SMS, email or winbank phone banking service

  • High security in money transfers and in the processing of your personal and banking information: Security certificates, extraPIN (two-factor authentication)

  • Different access types per user: you may choose among access with authorization for transactions or view only

  • Capability to define different transaction limits per user/transaction and authorization chain according to the company’s policy (for enterprises)

How much money can you remit

Through winbank web banking you can make remittances:

  • In Greece – up to €150.000
  • Abroad – up to 50.000€

How can you make remittances

In order for you to transfer money online to pay your business’s dues you need to hold an account with Piraeus Bank and obtain access to winbank web banking:

 1.   Log in to your winbank web banking account using your User ID and PIN

 2.    Go to > TRANSFERS > Transfer to Other Banks/Remittance menu and fill in all the necessary data with
        the system’s guidance

 3.    Enter the extraPIN received through sms to your mobile phone or through the extraPIN generator
        provided by Piraeus Bank 

 4.   Validate the remittance’s details and charges, before you submit your order 

 5.   Submit your remittance order. The amount of the remittance and the relevant fees are charged to your bank account
*The service is provided under the existing legal and regulatory framework.