Piraeus Bank winbank web banking. Make safe online banking and stock exchange transactions through Piraeus Bank web banking. Find out more about winbank web banking, Greece’s top prize-winning web banking service.

How you benefit with winbank web banking

Fast and Easy-to-Use

winbank web banking enables you to monitor your Piraeus Bank portfolio securely and to make transactions 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

Available Transactions

Use winbank web banking for the entire range of transactions you can make at a bank branch:

  • Manage your banking products (change limits, modify features, etc.)
  • Transfer funds
  • Make payments
  • Make remittances
  • Make stock exchange transactions
  • winbank alerts!
  • Apply for new products

You may also use it in a range of services available exclusively via Piraeus Bank web service channels:

  • Issuance & Payment of e-Administrative Fee
  • Instant Cash "Lefta sto Lepto" *
  • Manage your WEBUY prepaid card
  • Pay a much wider range of bills
  • Make international stock exchange transactions**
  • Top up your prepaid mobile phone airtime
  • e-statements
winbank web banking is straightforward and safe.

Watch the winbank web banking Demo (available in greek).

* Instant Cash transactions are counted in the biweekly withdrawal limit of €840 based on Act of Legislative Content 07/18/2015
** The purchase of stocks is not available based on the Act of Legislative Content 07/18/2015

The Greenest Way to Bank

Making your transactions online through winbank web banking actually helps the environment. You save lots of paper, which reduces the environmental impact of paper production: felling trees, consuming electricity and water.
Make web banking part of your daily life and you help cut your carbon footprint significantly.

Lower fees

winbank web banking transactions entail lower or no fees.

Transaction Security

  • To access winbank web banking, you have to use your personal login codes that only you know.
  • Cutting-edge security systems certified by international services keep your web transactions secure
  • Recognised encryption protocols guarantee that your transactions remain private and protect your data as they are transferred.
  • A firewall controls access to Piraeus Bank systems. It prevents unauthorised access to systems and databases containing confidential information

Find out more about winbank web banking Security.

Sign up for winbank web banking

In order to register to winbank web banking, you need to visit a Piraeus Bank branch and apply for winbank web banking codes.
As soon as your registration is completed and the relevant contract is signed, you will receive your Username and Password on the spot, along with winbank manual. The cost of the registration kit is €5. The prerequisite for your registration is to have a Piraeus Bank account. In case you do not have an account, you will be asked to present the supporting documents needed for the account opening, under conditions. Please be informed on the Opening Account Supporting Documents here.

Transactions Available via winbank web banking
  • Available per case
  • Available Service
  • New Service


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