Piraeus Bank’s e-PPS for businesses allows batch payments to be made anywhere in the world, in euro and foreign currencies, without any restrictions on the amount.
The e-PPS SEPA service offers you the ability to submit and send your mass payments in Euro within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) electronically.
Immediate credit and money availability to the beneficiary’s account held in a financial institution within Greece.
IRIS 24/7 Payment service allows you to make instant payments to others, just by using their mobile telephone number or their tax identification number.
Low-cost, rapid service remittances in euro or foreign currencies to Greece and abroad at Piraeus Bank branches.
Using the No Borders remittance service your business can transfer funds to Piraeus Bank's subsidiaries in Albania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Romania and Serbia on the same day at a low cost.
Remittances via winbank web banking from Piraeus Bank that allow you to enjoy low-cost, secure transfers of business funds in euro or foreign currencies anywhere in the world.

Payments abroad up to 1000€ with no documentation

Send your payments abroad, up to the total amount of 1000€ per month, with no documentation or approval needed.

Foreign remittances

  • We service your foreign money transfers up to €10.000 on the same day

Remittance Fee Calculator

  • Calculate outward remittance fees for your corporate account