My Business Liability - Pharmacist

A civil liability insurance plan for pharmacists offered by Piraeus Bank, in partnership with ERGO Insurance Company. It covers you and additional members when you are responsible for injuries or damage to third parties due to your actions or omissions while legally performing your professional activity as a pharmacist.

  • Bodily injury, death or material damage for you and members you add to your policy, for injuries or damages to others due to your actions or omissions while performing your professional duties as a pharmacist.
1 year
With an option to renew
  • Choice of type of coverage and insured amount
  • Interest-free premium instalments

How you benefit

Comprehensive civil liability insurance

My Business Liability - Pharmacist offers you full coverage for injuries or damages to third parties, when these take place exclusively while legally performing your professional activity and are due to your actions or omissions. Valid throughout Greece.

Insurance tailored to your needs

Build an insurance plan that suits you, depending on the amount of compensation you might need.

Low premiums and discounts

My Business Liability - Pharmacist is extremely affordable. Use any Piraeus Bank credit card to pay your premiums in up to 12 interest-free monthly instalments.

Contracts issued immediately

It takes no time to get from insurance quote to having the contract issued and paid for. Then simply pick up your policy at the branch of Piraeus Bank that suits you.


Basic coverage

My Business Liability - Pharmacist offers you coverage for at-fault damage and injuries to a third party which are exclusively related to legally performing your professional activity. These include:

  • Death
  • Bodily injuries
  • Property damages
  • Moral harm
  • Mental anguish


Choice of type of coverage and insured amount

My Business Liability - Pharmacist comes in 2 insurance plans. The compensation in each plan depends on the coverage you choose, in line with the general and special terms of your contract. These include:

Coverage Simple Advanced
Death/Bodily injuries per person
Death/Bodily injuries per group
Highest liability payout for the company

Example of premiums payable Simple Advanced
Total annual premiums

These premiums increase by 10% for every additional pharmacist or assistant employed at the pharmacy, with a maximum of 5 individuals.


Legal practice

My Business Liability - Pharmacis covers you only if you hold the degrees, diplomas and licenses required by the Greek Law for the legal practice of your profession and you comply with the regulations in force regarding pharmacy operation.

If you have additional members in your insurance plan, My Business Liability - Pharmacis offers you coverage for accidents these members might cause while performing the duties you have assigned them, provided they have the necessary professional training to offer the services declared by you or the insurance recipient when signing the contract and they are mentioned in the insurance contract.

Clear criminal record

My Business Liability - Pharmacis you coverage only if there is no case of delict while performing your professional duty pending against you, and only if you have not been associated with similar accidents or damages in the past.

Liability limits per incident

All claims stemming from the same tortuous cause are considered one incident. For these claims to be met, the liability limit per incident in your insurance policy is valid only once.