My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe

A civil liability insurance plan for restaurants and cafe offered by Piraeus Bank in partnership with ERGO Insurance Company. Protect yourself and members you add to the policy when you are responsible for unforeseeable events at your business premises or have a legal or moral obligation to pay compensation for losses sustained there.
  • Bodily injury, death or material damage for you and members you add to your policy, for unforeseeable events at your restaurant/cafe facilities.
1 year
With an option to renew
  • Choice of type of coverage and insured amount
  • Interest-free premium instalments

How you benefit

Comprehensive civil liability insurance

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe offers full protection against losses and damage to third parties that occur at your business premises and are due to your own acts or omissions, in accordance with Civil Code Articles 914 ff. on delict.

Insurance tailored to your needs

Build an insurance plan that suits you, depending on the type of coverage you want and the amount of compensation you might need for: bodily injury, death, material damage, moral harm, mental anguish and other additional forms of coverage.

Add other members to your insurance plan such as restaurant or cafe employees, if necessary.

Low premiums and discounts

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe is extremely affordable. Use any Piraeus Bank credit card to pay your premiums in up to 12 interest-free monthly instalments.

Contracts issued immediately

It takes no time to get from insurance quote to having the contract issued and paid for. Then simply pick up your policy at the branch of Piraeus Bank that suits you.


Basic coverage

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe offers coverage for damages relevant to the use, ownership and operation of your restaurant or pastry shop premises. These include:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Death
  • Property damages
  • Moral harm
  • Mental anguish

Extend your coverage

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe offers coverage for other damages or injuries due to negligence, such as:

  • Damages to customers' personal items proven to be the outcome of your own or your employees’ omissions. Mobile phones, valuables and money are not included.
  • Liability as a result of the fall of luminous signs and boards attached to your building's facade, provided you are deemed liable for the fall.
  • Liability as a result of fire, explosion and short-circuit, or rupture of boiler or other pressure tanks. Coverage is offered only in cases of bodily injuries or death.
  • Accidents caused by the use of the building's lift, provided the lift undergoes monthly maintenance by specialised staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, with a right to claim against the lift contractor or maintenance repairer.
  • Damages while loading or unloading within your business premises. Damages to goods and to vehicles in or on which the goods are transferred or loaded/unloaded are excluded.
  • Third-party food poisoning accidents. The business is obliged to pay compensation only when there are at least 3 individuals affected by one incident. Liability for products offered after the expiry date is not included.
  • Accidents while performing maintenance, repairs or refurbishment of the premises. Applies for a project budget up to €10,000.
  • Damages from garden umbrellas, only if they are bolted on solid foundations.
  • Liability for damages to third-party vehicles while parked at the business car park and which were caused by the operation of the premises. Theft, fire, collision, crash or overturn of the vehicles, as well as destruction or loss of objects inside the vehicles are excluded.


Choice of type of coverage and insured amount

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe is offered at a variety of plans. The compensation in each plan depends on the coverage you choose, in line with the general and special terms of your contract. These include:

Coverage Simple Advanced Total
Death / Bodily injuries per person
Death / Bodily injuries per group
Property damages
Highest liability payout annually

Example of premiums payable Simple Advanced Total
Total annual premiums


When your insurance plan does not cover you

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe does not offer coverage on the following cases:

  • Theft or loss of any object or asset belonging to a third party of any form, nature or value
  • Damage caused by incidents that took place before the insurance commencement date
  • Civil liability from rendered medical services
All the cases not covered by My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe are mentioned in Article 6 of your policy’s general terms.


Safety measures to prevent accidents

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe offers you coverage only if you take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent accidents or damage, and you abide by the laws and regulations on public and personnel safety.

Fire extinguishing and fire safety measures

My Business Liability - Restaurant & Cafe offers coverage only if you have taken all the legal fire extinguishing and fire safety measures at your business premises.

Coverage in case of fire

If you already have fire insurance, Civil Liability coverage against third parties due to fire applies in excess of the limits and coverage in your fire insurance policy. This means that it covers you only for the incidents not covered by your other fire insurance policy.

For damage caused to the building you rent due to your own fault, the building owners are not considered a third party.