Check Up +

It is an outpatient program form Piraeus Bank in cooperation with the insurance company NN Hellas. The program offers you 1 free annual Check Up in Euromedica diagnostic centers, €10.000 compensation in case of death from accident and several discounts in other exams and health services.

  • Free annual Check Up in Euromedica
  • Compensation in case of death from accident
  • Free medical advice and information 24 hours a day from Euromedica’s specialized call center.
1 year
(with automatic renewal)
  • Affordable cost
  • Discounts in diagnostic exams and health services


Flexible program that, you can use right away from the next working day of the purchase according to your needs.

  • Affordable cost
  • Simplified procedure without medical underwriting
  • Fast claim procedure


Buy today the Check up + and enjoy a series of benefits:

  • 1 free annual Check Up in Euromedica
  • €10.000 compensation in case of death from accident
  • 24hours call center, always available to provide you with information about on duty hospitals and pharmacies
  • Diagnostic medical services in Euromedica based on ΦΕΚ pricelist. 30% discount for diagnostic medical services not included in ΦΕΚ pricelist
  • 30% discount for Laser Refractive Surgery (myopia, presbyopia etc) in Ophthalmology Center Orasis
  • 20% discount for doctors medical visits at home
  • 20% discount for dental in contracted dental clinics in Athens

Premium payment

How do I pay my premium?

  • Direct debit of a savings account
  • Direct debit of a credit card