Health Solutions Gold

  • Direct payment of hospitalization costs at affiliated private hospitals in Greece
  • Compensates in a percentage of 80% of the recognized expenses of hospitalization abroad
  • Primary healthcare package through diagnostic centres Euromedica or Biomedicine
One year
With automatic renewal

for children

for adults


irrespective of age

*100€ discount from NN Hellas on the first year's premium until November 24th. Offer's duration can be changed without warning.

  • Affiliations with 40 leading private hospitals in Greece
  • Primary healthcare package comes as an option
  • Optional monthly payment plan

How you benefit

Comprehensive healthcare plan

Health Solutions Gold insurance covers hospitalization costs, on top of the coverage offered by your social security fund. It guarantees you immediate access to quality healthcare services and offers unique privileges to suit your needs.

Quick insurance process

The insurance process for the Health Solutions Gold plan is simple and easy. Just visit your local Piraeus Bank branch and we will do the rest.

Claims handled immediately

In case of hospitalization in contracted private hospitals in Greece, the fees are paid directly by NN Hellas insurance company. This way you do not have to withdraw money to cover any unexpected healthcare expenses.

  • At affiliated hospitals in Greece, NN Hellas pays directly 100% of the fees. You just need to pay the deductible amount
  • In hospitals abroad, you pay directly the hospital and NN Hellas compensates the 80% of the recognized expenses of hospitalization
  • At a public hospital, you receive a daily hospitalization allowance

Additional services

Enjoy special privileges and services through the Health Solutions Gold plan to care for your health and improve your physical condition.

  • Free-of-charge diagnostic medical services at contemporary and reliable private healthcare clinics in Greece



Secondary Healthcare Services
Maximum annual limit €500,000
Coverage Coverage
Hospitalisation costs
  • Affiliated private hospitals in Greece
  • Special Collaborating Hospitals/Clinics: In conjunction with the use of Public Insurance Fund (EOPPY), absorption of your participation to the total hospitalization expenditures up to 15%
  • Public hospitals. €70 daily allowance for a maximum of 10 days. To receive the allowance you must spend at least two consecutive nights in hospital
  • In Hospitals abroad 80% minus €1500 deductible amount annually
Deductibles for hospitalization costs
Room category
Semi-private room
Hospitalization coverage at higher room category
Insured party bears the cost
Maximum hospitalization limit per case
Up to 365 days of continued hospitalization
Specialised treatment units
Direct payment of hospitalization costs by NN Hellas
Surgeon, anaesthesiologist and attending physician fees
Private-duty nurse at the hospital in Greece
Accompanying person for underage patients
Exams, surgery and treatments without hospitalization
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy without hospitalization
Allowance for using other provider
Emergency transfer service in Greece
24-hour call centre on +30 210 9551055

Primary Healthcare Services
Diagnostic tests
Free check-up
Medical consultations
Medical consultations at home
Dental care

* The table contains a brief outline of the insurance covers. The terms and conditions of the plan are included in the insurance contract.

Premium payment

Premiums can be paid with a frequency that suits you:

  • Every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months
  • They can be charged to your bank account or credit card


Medical examinations

  • To fill in a medical questionnaire
  • To undergo a physical exam if required

Age at joining plan

  • Between 3 months and 65 years