Piraeus Family Assistance

An insurance program of immediate medical assistance by Piraeus Bank, in cooperation with INTERAMERICAN insurance company. PIRAEUS FAMILY ASSISTANCE, ensures prompt and effective assistance for you and your family in case of emergency health incidents, due to accident or sudden illness. Specifically, it provides coordination and coverage of medical transportation by ambulance, helicopter or other appropriate and available means, if needed, and also offers medical advice & instructions, through the 1010 Health Line.
  • Immediate addressing of emergency incidents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Covers travel and accommodation expenses of relatives, for patient or underage children care
With automatic renewal

for all family

  • Coverage across Greece
  • Cutting-edge privately-owned infrastructure, and qualified personnel of INTERAMERICAN
  • Responsibility and costs of medical transport on insurance company, and not an a third party
  • Affordable premium which covers all immediate family
  • No medical examination is required for admission to the program


  • High reliability of service provided by INTERAMERICAN
  • Immediate addressing of emergency incidents, across Greece
  • Medical transport with the proper means, to the nearest appropriate medical institution
  • Access 24hours a day, 365 days a year, through the special 1010 Health Line
  • Medical advice from cooperating physicians, and information concerning hospitals and pharmacies
  • Affordable premium
  • Immediate coverage of all family (spouse and children)
  • Simple policy issuing process
  • Ideal combination with any health insurance program



Coverages Notes
Medical advice and information, by use of the Coordinating Center, 1010
Medical transportation of the insured via ambulance, helicopter or airplane
Repatriation of the insured patients’ family members, within Greece
Travel expenses to a close relative of the insured, for care of underage children
Travel expenses and accommodation to a close relative of the insured, who is hospitalized at the area of the incident
Expenses for transport of mortal remains
Tickets for early return and retransfer to the place of travel, due to early and sudden interruption of trip

*The table depicts a summary of the coverages. The terms of the program are included in the policy.

Payment of premiums

ΤPremiums are paid annually by bank account or credit card.


  • The insured must be a permanent resident of Greece
  • Coverage of incidents only within Greece
  • Age of entry in program: 1 to 75 years old