winbank Mobile Phone Top-up

Top up your prepaid mobile phone 24/7 through the Piraeus Bank winbank service channels. Use cash or charge your account.

What type of prepaid mobile do you have?

We offer the service for all prepaid mobile network operators:

Choose €10, €15, €20 or €30

  • Vodafone
Choose €10, €15, €20 or €30

  • Wind & Wind F2G
Choose €10, €15, €20 or €30

  • Q Card
Choose €10 or €15

  • Cyta

Choose €5, €10, €20 or €30 (for now only through web banking, mobile banking & phone banking)

How do you pay

Depending on the payment method:

A. In cash

  • At easypay devices within Piraeus Bank branches
Find the nearest easypay device

B. By charging your Piraeus Bank account

  • If you are a winbank web banking user
Login in to winbank web banking and choose Payments > Airtime Renewal.

  • At all Piraeus Banks ATMs
Find the nearest ATM

  • Do you have winbank mobile banking?
Log in. Download the winbank mobile App for Android or iPhone free of charge

  • Do you have winbank phone banking?
Call +30 210 3288000

  • Do you have winbank SMS banking?
Send AXO to +30 6945 100300 or +30 6937 100300 and then: Type XX N to top up your airtime. XX is the abbreviation for your mobile network operator: CO, VO, WI, Q Ν is the airtime value.

Top up your airtime in 5 steps

Each winbank channels gives you instructions:

 1.   Choose mobile network: Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind, Q Card, Cyta

 2.   Choose airtime value: €10, €15, €20 or €30

 3.   Choose payment method: In cash or by charging your Piraeus Bank account

 4.   Receive the code and the airtime top-up instructions provided by the winbank channel you have selected: receipt, SMS or phone         conversation

 5.   Use the code to top up your airtime, according to you mobile network operator.