Piraeus Deposit Card

Piraeus deposit card, is a corporate card that provides the option of conducting deposits to the company’s bank accounts, through Piraeus Bank ATMs 24 hours a day.
  • Companies with frequent cash deposit transactions
  • Companies that collect cash from third parties
  • Cash Deposits via ATM network of Piraeus Bank
  • No Issuance and usage fees
  • Safety
  • Speed and flexibility of transactions
  • 24/7 service and cash flow management
  • No limit to the number of the cards issued
  • Flexibility to cash collection
  • Connection with 1 – 4 corporate accounts

How you benefit

Simple issuance procedure

Piraeus Deposit Card does not require any approval procedure. The card is issued free of charge. However, the Bank requires the legal documents that certify the company’s and cardholder’s data.


Risk reduction of potential loss of large amount of cash, by giving the possibility of safe cash deposit, any time of the day.

Minimization of risk (that arises) from keeping cash at the company’s premises, by safely depositing cash to the company’s bank account, any time of the day.

Speed and flexibility

Direct service of the company and cash availability in real time, to meet/cover any other obligations.

Service points

More than 950 points of ATMs, 24/7. Depending on the ATM’s technology, cash deposit may be completed:

  • Using an envelope with the account being credited the next business day
  • Without an envelope (online deposit), with immediate credit of the account.

Cash Management 24/7

You can link to the Piraeus Deposit Card up to 4 corporate accounts.


  • Card Holders: debtors or employees of the company Linked with 1 - 4 corporate current accounts
  • Linked with 1 - 4 corporate current accounts
  • Instant PIN issuance at any Piraeus Bank branch. Card delivery within the next few days.
  • Cards issuance per corporate account, without restriction in the number of cards
  • Expiration date: 30 years from the date of issuance
  • Magnetic Stripe Technology
  • Issuance/ reissuance free of charge

How to issue it

In order to acquire the Piraeus Deposit Card, you must own (a corporate) bank account in Piraeus Bank.

 1.  Legal representative of the company must submit all necessary legal documentation and sign the contract / application for a Piraeus Deposit Card. At the same time, the company’s legal representative declares in writing the elements of the cardholders.

 2.  The cardholder has the option to visit any of the 790 Piraeus Bank branches, in order to submit the required documentation and receive a PIN. Over the next few days, the card holder will receive the card at the same branch.