Top Medical Services At Henry Dunant Hospital Center Using Credit Cards

Receive top medical services with unique privileges and discounts at Henry Dunant Hospital Center using your Piraeus Bank Credit Card!

Outpatient Department

  • Special prices for medical consultation from Pathologist (general practitioner), Cardiologist,
    Orthopaedic, Surgeon, Otorinolaryngologist, Neurosurgeon, Vascular surgeon, Haematologist,
    Gastroenterologist, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, Gynaecologist, Endocrinologist, Neurologist,
    Nephrologist, Urologist, Eye Specialist, Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, Pneumonologist, Rheumatologist.
  • Discounts for diagnostic tests, MRI, CT, Triplex and medical procedures

E.R. (Emergency Room)

  • Special prices for medical consultation


  • Discounts for hospitalization


  • Free of charge, within Athens Metropolitan area, in case of an emergency admission in the HDHC


  • Option for payment in instalments

Take advantage of the privileges offered to you by Piraeus Bank Cards!