Private Banking Debit Card

The Private Banking Debit Card is designed exclusively for you, Piraeus Bank Private Banking customers. This subscription-free debit card relieves you of the need to use cash and makes daily transactions easier.

You can use it instead of cash for purchases in Greece and abroad, online, and, of course, for ATM transactions. All of your transactions charge the account you have connected to the card, giving you complete control over your expenses.

Furthermore, the Private Banking Debit Card provides you with:

  • possibility of 2 free withdrawals and 1 balance inquiry per month through the DIAS Network,
  • free renewal,
  • replace/reissue cards in case of loss, theft, or damage, free of charge,
  • second card issued free of charge and
  • free participation in the yellow Rewards Program, so that you can earn up to x10 yellows for every € of use to the Program Partners and to redeem as many yellows as you wish.