New winbank - Accomplishing my goals

With the new winbank you are now able to set your own saving goals at the section “My saving goals”.

You can now have a better control on your finances and see how much you spend and on what. Then, you are most likely to find ways of saving money. Moreover, after that you will probably want to save money for what is important for you.

For example:

You want to save money for your upcoming car’s service, to buy a scooter, to travel to the destination you always wanted but you do not know how to save this amount...

  • You can create one or even more saving goals.
  • Each goal you set is connected directly to your savings account, which acts as a piggy bank. You can choose among selecting one of your savings accounts or open one, online “ΑΧΙΖΕΙ”.

    As you will notice, your new account is named after the goal.

  • You can save in every way you want.
  • It is up to you, to decide whether you want to save on a regular basis or not. Keep in your mind that it is always much more effective to do it automatically:

    For example:

    You can set a transfer standing order or even enable Pay & Save service, which is the modern version of saving online instead of a piggy bank when you want to save the change from your purchases.

  • You can easily monitor the progress of your saving goals.
  • You can easily monitor your goals’ progress through winbank web banking or winbank mobile app.

    A few tips:

    - We recommend you to keep the savings goal’s account only for your saving purposes.

    - If you choose to activate a transfer standing order, we recommend you to execute it on your paycheck day.

    - The money you save for your saving goal always remain available.