Visual impaired customers

Piraeus Bank constantly evolves and upgrades its digital services to meet the highest technological standards of smartphone technology. Thus, it has become easier for the visual impaired customers to navigate the winbank mobile app and complete their daily transactions.

Services for people with vision impairment:

  • Easier monetary transactions without the presence of two witnesses to attest a customer’s signature. Customers with vision impairment are informed of the transaction instantly at their mobile and verify its accuracy, via the “SMS alerts service” that is offered free of charge.
  • Guidance by a customer service representative during their stay at the branch.
  • At the branches that are equipped with VTS (Virtual Teller Station), transactions can be carried out through the “Remote Cashier”, a machine equipped with Braille signage. This attribute allows the visual impaired customer to complete transactions without the presence of two witnesses, otherwise needed to verify the process.
  • Voice guidance system for winbank e-banking navigation and training.
  • Online Registration for winbank e-banking, thus not requiring a visit to a physical branch to sign the respective documents.
  • Installation of special software to a large percentage of the ATM network, which offers the option to complete specific transactions (cash withdrawals and PIN change), just by inserting an audio jack and listening to the voiceover for each action.

Debit and Credit cards with braille signage

  • The card holder can identify a debit or credit card, according to the letter “D” or “C” written in braille at the front side of the card.
  • The braille signage is printed to Piraeus Bank cards (where it is applicable), spreading the message of inclusivity and accessibility in society.

Talking ΑΤΜs

Piraeus bank is offering an easy-to-use service for the visual impaired customers, as they can complete specific transactions through the ATMs (cash withdrawals and PIN change), just by inserting an audio jack and listen to the voiceover for each action.