Self-service banking

In this area you can carry out self-service banking transactions.

Here you will find the easypay automated transactions machine, the automatic passbook update machine and the Piraeus prepaid gift card instant dispenser machine.

Your transactions through the easypay machines are made simply and fast either by inserting cash into the machine or by using credit/debit/prepaid cards. You don’t have to be a Piraeus Bank customer in order to use the machine.

Carry out on your own easy and fast:

  • Payment of your business bills
  • Cash deposit to partners and suppliers
  • Payment of business cards and loans

Now you have the possibility to issue your new prepaid card on your own through cash deposit and receive it instantly, charged with the amount you wish (minimum 10€ and maximum 255€). Your card is already activated and you can use it immediately for your buys, your trip or even as a gift.

Piraeus Bank’s products and services are provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers.