How do you benefit by using POS

By installing and using the POS Paycenter terminal, you gain multiple benefits:

  • Sales increase
    Increase your sales by offering your customers an additional form of payment by accepting payment by cards and installments.
  • Legislation / Tax Free
    Due to legislation rules, customers need to build their tax-free limit by using cards. The absence of payments using cards can lead to loss of sales.
  • Payment in interest-free installments
    Offer your customers the option of paying with interest-free installments. In this way you achieve customer engagement, easier sales, higher value sales due to the sharing of installments.
  • Ιnstallments prepaid
    Piraeus Bank provided you the option to prepay those installments, increasing the liquidity of your business. This allows you to place larger orders of merchandise, pay your suppliers in good time, and ultimately achieve better prices.
    Note: prepayment applies to all instalments and not optional.
  • Cost reduction
    Reduce the cost of cash management (money transfers, thefts, coinage management and unsuitable banknotes). A study by the European Central Bank (ECB) estimates that cash in Greece has annual management costs accounting for 2.30% of a company's turnover. The cost for the whole of the business amounts to 4 billion euros.
  • Minimize commissions paid
    Minimize commissions for non-euro issued cards with DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service, where your customers are charged directly in their country's currency. The service is especially useful for businesses operating in tourist areas such as restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, rent a car, tourist items etc.
  • Financing possibility
    You are given the ability to fund your business with working capital against future receivables from POS sales on preferential terms and reduced collateral.
  • Easypay POINT service
    You can apply for installation on your POS (model VX520) of the above service through which your business becomes a point of collecting accounts (utility bills, telephone, gas, etc.) and other debts. The service is available for mini markets, supermarkets, kiosks, convenience stores, bookstores / stationery and other similar activities.
  • Speed and Security of transactions
    Transactions in your business are executed with speed and security.
  • Direct payment of receipts
    The amount of transactions is credited to your business account the next business day after they are made.

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