Relationship & Service

  • Upgraded service - Business partner for Small Businesses and Professionals

  • With Business Banking Plus your banking relationship becomes more personal and personalized. Your Business partner, an experienced, reliable and specialized consultant, is next to you and your business, offering guidance, information and solutions.

    Your Business partner has an overall opinion of your banking relationship. He is responsible for a limited number of selected clients so as to cooperate with you regularly and systematically, to understand your particular needs in depth and to develop a meaningful cooperation relationship. Through meetings in your business area ​​and in specially designed spaces in the Bank's branches, he provides you with the service, information and support you need.

    His primary concern is to study your business in depth, to help you design and implement your business plan, to identify current and future needs and opportunities, and to provide you with the appropriate solutions to meet them, aiming to the improvement of the daily operation of your business, as well as to its further development.

    • Service channels

    Piraeus Bank, having fully understood your needs, provides you with a multichannel service. Now, you may carry out, from wherever you are, all your bank transactions with safety, saving money and time. Select one of the multiple service channels that suits your needs: 

    • Broad network of branches with a specially designed separate meeting area, exclusively for you, ensuring comfort, quality and discretion.
    • Remote Banking Service, new way for you to communicate, receive information and acquire banking products.
    • e-branch, the new branches of Piraeus Bank, offering you a new banking experience through smart services and technological innovations, both on working days with extended working hours and on Saturdays.
    • E-Banking, a service platform, awarded many times, with pioneering services and multiple abilities for the most effective execution of your payments, control of your transactions and more complete banking information.
    • Special telephone service line for direct communication of high quality, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at 210-9394999.