Mass card charging via Batch Files

If you need a solution for recurring payments, Piraeus Bank offers you integrated solutions for the dispatch of files regarding card transactions (Batch Files).

The ideal solution for recurring payments

The solutions for the dispatch of files regarding numerous card transactions (batch files) effectively meet the needs of businesses that charge their clients on a regular basis. Thus, they significantly facilitate their clients, but also contribute to the timely and prompt collection of debts. Recommended for insurance companies, telecommunication operators or other services on a subscription basis.

Accepted Payment Cards

The Paycenter supports payments by any credit, debit or prepaid card by Visa or MasterCard.


The file dispatch is performed with absolute safety. Provision of fully automated means of communication between Piraeus Bank and your business.

Obtain the batch file solution in 6 simple steps

  1. Visit a Piraeus Bank branch having the following documents:
    • A business commencement certificate by the competent Tax Office, containing any changes (the main and secondary activities must be displayed). We may also accept: Printout from TAXISnet or the One-stop-shop service by G.E.MI.
    • Form E3 for businesses keeping Class B accounting books.
    • Balance sheet/profit and loss account for businesses keeping Class C accounting books.
    • Periodic VAT return (of the current year) or recent balance (of the current year).
    • Valid social insurance certificate by the Social Insurance Institute-IKA (only in cases you request an instalment discount service).
  2. A specialized employee will contact you by telephone in order to inform you and suggest to you the ideal solution according to the needs of your business.
  3. You receive personalized pricing based on the needs and size of your business, and an update with all necessary technical details and information.
  4. Your request is then evaluated by the Bank.
  5. You are informed by the employee of the branch on the outcome of your request, without any other visit to the branch being required.
  6. A technician will contact you, so as to complete the interfacing procedures with the ePOS Paycenter platform.