Regular monitoring

The Regular Monitoring service allows us to regularly review your overall portfolio and finances, since prevailing market conditions are always changing, just like your needs and goals. Where necessary, we propose appropriate shifts. This enables us to confirm that your choices reflect both the current conditions and your needs, and that you are on the right track to achieve your goals.

Regular monitoring

Your Personal Advisor:

  • Arranges meetings with you.

  • Presents the overall structure of your portfolio and its performance, using an easy to use application and a special service book.

  • Briefs you about financial developments relevant to your portfolio that affect its value.

  • Identifies any changes in your goals, needs or obligations.

  • Notes down the steps taken and any observations or comments made during the meeting.

  • Arranges the next meeting with you.

Global portfolio

We monitor all aspects of your portfolio and brief you about them:

  • Deposits and cash assets.

  • Investment Products.

  • Loans and cards.

  • Real estate.

  • Other products.

Updating your financial goals

Working closely with you, we update your financial needs and goals over time. This enables you to:

  • Rebalance your portfolio in good time to capitalise on prevailing market conditions.

  • Make choices that reflect your profile and financial plan.